🚦Active / Inactive Raids

The Bot is designed to raid one tweet after the other and build a leaderboard for those people, who interact with an ACTIVE raid during the time it is ongoing. A raid is ACTIVE as soon as an admin launches it and it will be within this stage until one of the three criterias within the "End your Raid" section is met. As soon as it is ended, it will become INACTIVE. You can spot the status of a raid within itΒ΄s Telegram raid message or the "Raid Summary" tab.


This raid is ongoing and people who interact with this raid will gain points for their interactions according to the "Point Distribution" system. Active Raids will generate Live Notifications (If those are turned ON in settings) for User Interaction within the Telegram chat. Those are always prompted in the source group of a raid even when the raid was forwarded to another chat.

As long as it is ongoing, the "Raid Summary" tab withing the WebApp will show a note, that the summary is not available yet. "Raid in Progress..."


A raid in this status is still fully functional and people can still interact with the tweet and watch the leaderboard etc. The only difference is, that it already did the "Raid Summary" and distributed points to the users. As soon as this is done, the bot immediately stops giving more points to users.

As soon as a raid becomes inactive, this raid will stop prompting Live Notifications within the Telegram chat.

Approximately one minute after a raid was finished and became inactive, it will show data within the "Raid Summary" tab. This is a indicator that all points have been distributed and no more points can be gained. Also it will post a "Summary" within Telegram.

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