đŸĒ™$SHARX Token

The $SHARX token serves as the cornerstone of our ecosystem.

Boasting a total supply of 500 million units. Of this, 5% is held by the team, and an additional 9% was allocated for a presale event. The remaining 86% of the tokens are either accessible on Uniswap or in circulation among the public.

Our smart contract is renounced, with the liquidity securely locked until August 21, 2024. As this date approaches, we plan to extend the liquidity lock to ensure continued stability and security.

Unlike many projects that depend on transaction taxes as their primary revenue source, our model is distinct. We have also implemented a 5% tax on both purchases and sales to manage fundamental expenses. Nonetheless, our principal revenue will be generated through our main utility.

Our focus is on cultivating robust and self-sustaining revenue streams through our technological advancements, thereby eliminating reliance on artificial market activities. Consequently, our ecosystem is designed to prevent the typical pump-and- dump scenarios often observed in the crypto space.

Upon establishing these revenue streams, we are committed to redistributing 50% of all earnings generated via the bot back to $SHARX token holders.

This redistribution will occur through mechanisms like an additional staking pool or similar innovations, further enriching our community's investment value.

Visit https://raidsharksbot.com/sharx.html for detailed information

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