✅Verified Links Page

RaidSharksBot has partnered with Flooz to provide Verified Link pages out of the box for your token. They are designed to turn visitors into holders, and holders into ambassadors. Think of it like LinkTree, but for Web3 & Telegram.

It does also provide a direct swap and buy service. Users can buy on multiple chains and are also able to buy your token immediately via Credit Card, Apple Pay, Google Pay and many more services.

Setting up your own Page

  1. Access the "Integrations" Tab in Settings UI

  1. Provide all information it asks for

  2. Click on "Create Verified Links Page" Button to submit your data

  3. Basic setup is done

  4. Click on "Customize Verified Links Page" Button (shown after Basic Setup) if you want to add custom links or more details. (Advanced Setup)

To change the branding, add unlimited links or list your token, please add Iris as an Admin to your group and follow the instructions.

Advanced Setup

You can add custom links and upload your own banner.

  1. Click "Start"

  2. Follow steps in Video below

What does the final result look like?

(Examples after Advanced Setup through @iris_flooz_xyz Telegram Bot) Check Point 5 above!

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