๐Ÿ’พLeaderboard Export (CSV)

RaidSharksBot contains an export function, which will provide you with all relevant data. It is accessible through the same menu as Blacklist function described above. Leaderboard data will be provided in csv format. The export will only contain data according to the chosen Leaderboard tab and it's timeframe (Current/Previous - All Time, Monthly, Weekly or Daily). The export contains the following data:

RaidSharksBot does also include data about how many tweets have been provided by users AND have been raided. So you can reward people for providing good content. If admins decide to DISMISS a Tweet proposal, RaidSharksBot will not count this - Only raided tweets are counted.

  • Telegram username

  • Twitter username

  • Repost points

  • Comment points

  • Smashes points

  • Provided Tweet count

  • Total points

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