RaidSharksBot has a fully integrated leaderboard. This section is made to understand the basic function of RaidSharksBot´s Leaderboard and what it is made for.

🎲 Why do I need points?

The main purpose of RaidSharksBot is to increase user´s engagement and give group owners and admins valuable information about their ongoing raids. By gamifying the raid people get engaged to participate.

That said, we need to measure how intensive a user participates in ongoing raids.

The way we do that is an integrated point distribution mechanism which gives people points for every interaction with an ongoing raid.

RaidSharksBot does NOT count interactions done by Shadow Banned Accounts. That´s done on purpose, cause those Users won´t positively affect the range of your tweet.

💪 What is the main purpose of having a leaderboard?

A leaderboard gives admins and group owners the possibility to gain information about who supports their project best.

Raiding becomes very effective if you use the integrated Leaderboard to reward your best raiders.

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