đŸŸĸStart Raid

If you are an admin and all set with the steps above, you can instantly start a raid by copying the URL from your Twitter post and pasting it after the command: /raid

After typing in the command /raid make sure you hit the spacebar and then paste your Twitter post URL.

Example: /raid https://twitter.com/RocketGems100/status/1690019161861189632?s=20

Once the raid has started it is ACTIVE and will display an initial raid message on your screen, this gives the users from your group the ability to open the WebApp by clicking the "Raid" button on the bottom.

New users who are not verified yet will also see the "Onboarding" screen and will be guided trough the verification steps above.

Ongoing Raids can be resumed manually anytime by using /resume command. For more Information how a Raid is ended and becomes INACTIVE, proceed with "End your Raid"

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