⚠️Verification Troubleshooting

Note, that RaidSharksBot needs to be verified with the Twitter (X) account you want to participate in raids with. There is no need to verify it with your projectΒ΄s official main account.

Here is a short breakdown to prevent possible hiccups or misunderstandings.

  • Follow the prompted Verification Account by clicking the blue button and follow on X. Make sure you followed the right account.

  • Enter your Twitter Handle twice and let us send you a verification link (Be sure to use the one beginning with @ and respect capital and non-capital letters)

Use your Twitter handle beginning with @, not your Twitter name. In the picture below it would be @Bowski81 in example

  • Click the verification link received in your Twitter (X) message section Make sure you are checking DMs within the account you verified with. Still having issues? Check Troubleshooting for further solutions!

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