RaidSharksBot is 100% free to use - πŸ€– How to use @RaidSharksBot?

Guide for Admins and Group Owners (Bot Setup):

  1. Add @RaidSharksBot to your Telegram group πŸ“².

  2. Promote to admin πŸ”‘. Leave Permissions as suggested by Telegram.

  3. Type /raidsettings then click "Adjust Settings" πŸ› οΈ.

  4. Complete "Onboarding" (shown on first contact) for general information

  5. Hit the blue "verify" button on top right of the WebApp and follow the guide βœ….

  6. Adjust your Target in Settings (Optional Step - Standard is set to 1)

  7. Start first raid with /raid TwitterLink πŸš€.

  8. Meet your Target and wait for Raid Summary OR End your Raid manually.

Guide for normal User (Participate in Raids):

  1. Open up the Raid BotΒ΄s Mini Application by just clicking on the "Raid" button of an active Raid within your community or by clicking on "Show Full Summary" Button at the end of a raid. Both buttons will open up the Mini Application.

  2. If you are using the bot for the first time, please go through the following onboarding process. It will give you some basic information. Otherwise skip this step.

  3. Click on blue "Verify" button on top right of the Mini App

  4. Follow the guide to verify

  5. Done. You can now participate in ongoing raids by Clicking on "SMASH IT" within the Mini App.

πŸ†˜ Need help? Please check "Troubleshooting" section for frequently asked questions. Also check the BeginnerΒ΄s Guide πŸ“– for more details or contact a team member in our official Telegram group.

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