DYOR - $SHARX is a cryptocurrency Token on the Ethereal Blockchain. It comes with working utility, revenue streams and value for its holders.

The future is looking bright for $SHARX, as it solves a common problem in the space and its technology is far ahead of the competition. And the best thing is, that 50% of all revenue generated by the main Utility will be given back to $SHARX holders. Being early means you will be able to secure a big share of these revenues which are built as we speak. Make sure you join our community if you consider to buy. We are a very helpful and vibrant community.

Dextools: 0x81994dfbbe69c9e03226c2ebe62f7352dc3db812

Buy on Uniswap: https://app.uniswap.org/swap?inputCurrency=ETH&outputCurrency=0x81994dfbbe69c9e03226c2ebe62f7352dc3db812 Buy on BroccoliSwap: https://broccoliswap.com/?swap=1-ETH-to-SHARX-1

Visit https://raidsharksbot.com/sharx.html for detailed information

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