💲Revenue Share

50% of all revenue generated by RaidSharksBot is shared with holders of $SHARX Token via BNB Airdrop. It's completely free of charge, free of taxes or fees and without any holding restrictions beside a dust-wallet threshold of 1000 Tokens. Your token always remain under your control. The RaidSharksBot Team is excited to introduce our innovative revenue-sharing solution. By simply verifying ownership of your $SHARX token you become eligible for regular BNB airdrops.

Ethereum Network and Binance Smart Chain are both EVM compatible - That means they always share the exact same Wallet address. So while your $SHARX token is sitting on the Ethereum Blockchain, we always airdrop the same wallet address with BNB to safe gas fees. So, the rules are as easy as it gets... The bigger your holdings, the bigger your personal share of the revenue airdrop. Make sure to buy $SHARX token now and secure your share!

  • No token lock

  • No gas fees

  • No transactions required

  • Automatical aidrops in BNB

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